Animaker 0.1 (2023-Latest) Download for PC

Animaker 0.1 (2023-Latest) Download for PC

Animaker (2023-Latest) Download Here

Animaker is a powerful web-based video editor. The Animaker for Windows PC has over 10 million users from across the world who have generated over 20 million videos utilising its superb toolset and asset collection with over 100 million attractive assets.

The character creator in Animaker lets users of all skill levels quickly create new characters and avatars for their attractive animated flicks. Gender, size, bodily parts, clothing, haircuts, accessories, and over 20 face expressions can be customised. Using simplified tools and automated lip-sync, characters and objects may act on screen. Editor customises characters, items, environments, and backgrounds.

This robust webapp allows live-action video editing with overlays (text, photos, stickers), subtitles, watermarks, image colour, gradients, and more. Animaker has a huge asset library containing photos, backdrops, music, sound effects, and more. Users can upload and use their own materials, voice recordings, movies, and images to their 20GB cloud storage. Finalized designs can automatically adjust to different screen sizes and aspect ratios, making them excellent for PC monitors, TV screens, tablets, and mobile phones.

The Basic package costs $10 per month and includes five 5-minute videos with up to five animated characters. Starter and Pro unlock all features of this powerful web platform. Modern browsers can visit Animaker (such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and others).

Create Eye-Popping
Animation Videos in just a few clicks

Effortlessly Create Visually stunning
Live-Action videos in mins!

Animaker 0.1 (2023-Latest) Download for PC

About Animaker

That it promises to be “totally free” yet only includes so many simple features with Paid Premium membership. It’s hard to see through the paid versus free items, and it’s all simple stuff like basic graphics.

Powered by an advanced HTML5 engine, this video editing platform overs everyone access to a large template library that can dramatically accelerate project creation and even enable users to create finished videos in under 10 minutes.

Animaker (2023-Latest) Download for Window

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